Vision & Mission


To see every man (who is willing) built up with and in the Wisdom of God necessary for life.


  • As a Christ-centered person with Holy Ghost consciousness, I create value and meaning in the life of anyone who is ready to yield to the Wisdom of God I share.

  •   Inform, inspire and impact you with the word of God as it is without adding and subtracting from the word;
  •  Prodding and provoking you unto success and a purposeful life.
  •  Bringing glory to God in all my speaking engagement and writings;
  •  Equipping you to grow in your Christian faith through the sharing of practical wisdom relevant to your lives;
  •   Encouraging and equipping you to develop the relevant relationship with God that matters most to God.
  • Sharing with you information that will help you have wholeness spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

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