Wednesday, 30 December 2015


One thing is common among Christian all over the world when it comes to resolutions for New Year: It is the desire to know the Lord better and deeper.
But not many have moved from the realms of wishes to the domain of strong desire. Many Christians don’t really mean it when they say, “I want to know God better next year.” After 2nd February, they come to their senses and realise that New Year was after all another day just like any other day. The fact that many wish the same things every New Year and yet remain at the same level with regards to their relationship with God means that their resolution to know God better was not their heart-desire. Why? This is because a heart desire has force and fire; a wish doesn’t! A desire will make you take those hard steps and decisions even if you have to lose a relationship, friend, relative or an attitude.
A wish is a feeling of wanting to do or have something: an act of thinking about something that you want and hoping that you will get it or that it will happen in some magical way. A desire on the other hand is a strong conscious impulse toward something (or someone) that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment.
It is our strong heart-desires (consistent with God’s Will) that God responds to and not our wishes. Many Christians want more of God but not many really want to let go of their evil desires, compulsions, fears, addictions and wrong companions. No wonder we remain where we’ve been for “ages”; even our challenges and troubles remain the same. This New Year we have to go deeper and higher in our quest for more of God’s power and presence; and we need new challenges and trials!
Once I was teaching a small class the topic “Planning for God”. After I had finished my message, a sister in Christ; an author and a trail blazer of that fellowship stepped out and opined, “No, you cannot plan for God.” She literally threw all my teachings to the gutters and said I was been to philosophical. It will surprise you to know that she joined the “class” at middle of the session and so I didn’t expect her to understand much. I couldn’t complain either. Moreover, I had picked the necessary signals from my audience as communicator and knew they were on the same plain with me.
People say you’re too philosophical when they don’t agree to or understand your words, when they do they don’t talk like that! May be the title of the lesson should have been, “Making Plans for God”, or “Having Plans with God in Mind”, or “Making Plans together with God”
That lovely sister believed that God is BIG and sovereign. You possibly can’t do stuffs or make plans to satisfy Him; or to make Him proofread. Many Christians believe same; that God is responsible for making Himself known to them. Yes, I believe that God is BIG and sovereign; and no one can twist His hands with his or her plans. But it is important to know that God is not always and directly running the “whole show”. The attitude of our hearts determines how He responds to us though He is that BIG!
What many also don’t know is that you can set goals and make plans through the Holy Ghost. Any Christian can set goals through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit instead of using emotions or human wisdom. You can even set goals and give it to the Holy Spirit to breathe upon it. It all depends on how much intimate you’ve gotten with the Spirit of the Lord! God is not afraid to leave certain things totally in our hands (see Gen 2: 19); He loves us with inexpressible intensity and great warmth.
The Scriptures on several occasions tell us how God is a remunerator of them whose hearts are diligently after Him (see Heb 11:6). He only prove Himself a rewarder of those who seriously and earnestly search or try to find Him.
As big as God is, the serious, earnest and diligent search has to be done by us with our hearts: the labour of seeking God is our responsibility and not God’s. Amazingly, God is on the urge and will meet us even less than half-way. He has promise that such move (i.e. the move of our heart going after Him) will not go unpaid.
Nobody ever sought God and lost (see Ps 69:6 & Job 5:8). If you seek God, inquiring for and requiring Him as your first need, your spirit will be revive (Ps 69:32).
The more reason you should set your heart to know God better this New Year. Prepare and determine in your heart to pursue God. God is not going to do that for you. No amount of prophecy or prayers will make that happen in your life if you are not ready through diligent effort to dedicate and prepare yourself to study God’s Word and do it (see Ezra 7:10).
If you strongly or really desire to know God better this coming New Year you’ve got to make the necessary plans thereby. You cannot rely on your feelings to pursue God. Feelings are deceptive and fluctuating most of the time. You cannot depend on your feelings to pray, study and meditate on the Scriptures consistently.
Anyone who wants more of God must and should make conscious efforts or decisions to pray, study and meditate on the Scriptures consistently. Sometimes you have to make unfriendly decisions and take the hard steps to go after God hard – to let go relationships that are unprofitable; trade your addictions, compulsions and wrong attitudes for God’s freedom, wisdom and victory. This may seem difficult, but God is more willing to help you succeed in such quest. He is crazy about your success. This New Year preserve time to spend more time with God.  Make the conscious effort to fix a time to pray, study and meditate on the Word. Don’t wait to do that when you feel like or when it is convenient. You can decide for instance to pray effectively 10 minutes twice a day – morning and evening. With time you can and should increase the minutes you spend as you go to God daily in prayer, Scriptural studies and meditation.
Your scheduled time for the things of God and God must be fixed and non-negotiable. It is only when you aren’t ready to trade your prayer time for TV time or indulge in unnecessary chatter with a friend that you’re in for business. Until you reach such levels you are not serious for more of God, neither are you ready to know Him better. Be importunate in your search after God until He shows up with His reward; and when He shows up don’t give up  searching because there is more to Him than you think; you can never have enough of Him!
God wants to visit you this incoming year but will He find you searching and emptied (to be filled) or will He find you full of all evil;  compulsions, addictions, fears and desires of the flesh; having no empty room for Him. Don’t be like those who don’t anticipates, hope, await or prepare for His arrival (see Luk 2:7).
Make room this New Year for the King. Prepare your heart He wants to meet you; He’s been longing for that day (Amos 4:12). Are you making room?

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