Saturday, 21 November 2015


There are giants in the garment industry oppressing thousands in Bangladesh whiles raking in billions of dollars on the European and US market. These giants don’t care whether the tailors of the Bangladeshi garment factories are even receiving the legal minimum wage or not. So far as they are hitting their financial targets, everything to them is okay.
Of course, these businessmen might emphasize the fact that they clothe millions worldwide and therefore make lives better. But you cannot destroy lives in one place using some business principle or strategy whiles you make lives better thousands of miles away and call it success. How and what we spend our money on give a clear reflection on who we really are and will become.
Likewise, many electronic giants do the same. Some of these multinational electronic companies are outsourcing and relocating certain portions of their business chain to part of the world where labour is cheap; human rights are not respected; there is no regard for occupational hazards; where you can flout the laws and go scot free. This kind of outsourcing and relocation helps profits to skyrocket. Taking advantage of the destitute and helpless to rake in cash is not success.
Too often than not, many see success as a reserve for a special breed of human beings. Millions wonder whether they will ever be successful one day. But when you understand what success truly is, you will understand why it is not necessarily a matter of trying harder or hoarding gargantuan cash. Success is about daily doing your agenda; an agenda that extend goodness to those who relate to you on a regular or face-to-face basis.
Some so-called successful people can make you feel and believe they have achieved what no one else could ever achieve. By the way they tell their stories you might think you can never do what they have done. Most of the time, they don’t tell the whole truth.  We only hear how determination, focus and discipline got them to the paradise of success. As a result, some accord these successful people so much importance than they are worth. This can lead to show of hubris (by some of these successful people) which might militate against their advancement.
It is important to note that, these successful people face challenges everyday people face. Some, most of the time never get to even surmount these challenges. They live a life of constant pretence.
Knowing the true meaning of success will help you realign your mindset and activities. Success is not the all-of-sudden change that happens in your life when you meet the right person or when you get a life time opportunity.
What you do daily determine whether you are successful or not, because true success is most of the time the good goals you achieve daily.
Colossians 4:1 says, “Masters, give your servants what is right and equal, conscious that you have a Master in heaven.” (BBE)
Philippians 2:3-5 further ingeminates, “Don't be jealous or proud, but be humble and consider others more important than yourselves.  Care about them as much as you care about yourselves and think the same way that Christ Jesus thought.” (CEV)

True success is bigger than much money, fame and luxury. Money, fame and luxury are not bad in themselves. But the sheer dint of hard work doesn’t even guarantee success. True success is daily practising disciplines that make good happen for those close to you in such a way that you gain the respect and love of those close to you. If there is a standard to measure yourself with, it should be this.
“For David, after he HAD SERVED GOD'S PURPOSE IN HIS OWN GENERATION, died and was laid to rest with his ancestors, and so he experienced decay.” -  [Act 13:36(ISV), emphasis mine].
Don’t just make money; make a memory, a good one of course.

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