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My Encounter with an Ignorant Clergyman (Part Two)

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Thanks be to Elohim that the apostles, after reflecting on this baffling issue of an empty tomb, were later brought by Him to understanding everything the Savior had told them about his sure-to-come resurrection on the third day after his burial (cf. John 2:18-19, 21-22).
Elohim led these apostles backwards, back in time from where they were, to when they laid the body of the Savior in the tomb, and then to the day they found the tomb empty, to believe everything the Savior had told them when he was yet alive, about the sign of Jonah (Matthew 12:39-40 and Luke 11:29-30) and of rebuilding his human-body, after three days of its destruction by wicked men (John 2:18-22).
The revelation of Elohim to the apostles of Yeshua about the actual time of Yeshua's resurrection contributed in no small measure toward firmly and unwaveringly establishing their faith in Him as the worthy Messiah of Elohim and to their unflinching commitment to the spreading of the Gospel.
For these apostles, if they ever came to conclude that the Savior resurrected in the early morning of a Sunday, after being laid in the tomb at a sunset hour of the preceding Friday, they could never have had faith in Him as the Messiah of Elohim or dedication to spreading the Good News about Yeshua's resurrection and of His sacrificial work for man's salvation.
In fact, if the apostles ever came to have any evidence of a Friday sunset-burial and an early morning Sunday resurrection, they would have concluded that Yeshua of Nazareth was an imposter, a liar, and then would have agreed with Pharisees of those days, that Yeshua was a prince of Beelzebub.
This is because they would have concluded that Yeshua could not establish the proof to His Messiah-ship, as He emphatically claimed He would, in and by His post-burial resurrection on the third day, and then the Gospel for mankind's salvation would have been still-born.
And if the apostles, who walked and talked with Yeshua for as many as four years, after all that time, ever came to lose faith in Him, who else, after these apostles, could ever believe in Him as coming from Elohim to do all what He claimed the Good Father had sent Him to do for mankind?
Fact is that, if Yeshua did not resurrect at exactly Elohim's set time of three days and three nights after He was laid to the tomb, but did so at some other time, no matter how very close it was to Elohim's set time, then mankind must believe that, there could not have been on earth a Messiah to save him from his sins; and mankind would have still remained in his sins.
In fact, all of the promises of Elohim, that He would send a Savior to come to deliver mankind from the power and dominion of sin and from the tyranny of the devil, would have remained unfulfilled if it were that Heaven and The Throne approved and went by this false Friday-crucifixion-Sunday-resurrection-account of clergymen about Yeshua; and, I dare say, that, mankind would have remained in his sin nature, to date.
And who at all would ever have believed Elohim in all He says, if He could not ensure that His own Word that the resurrection of Yeshua would be fulfilled in similitude to the event that characterized His prophet, Jonah, in the belly of the great sea fish? And if Elohim is not believable, can there be hope for mankind?
But then, who dare you try to make Elohim look unbelievable by your false teaching of wrong times, for events He had set by His power, authority, and timing before the foundations of the world were laid?
Sadly, after I had patiently explained all these grave but very clear issues to a clergyman who was ignorant of them, he surprisingly remained persistent in holding onto his wrong beliefs that the Savior was crucified on Friday and resurrected on an early Sunday morning.
According to this clergyman, this is all what “all professing Christians” have accepted to be true, in and by the teachings of clergymen, for close to two millennia after Yeshua's ascension to Heaven, and that these “professing Christians” could all possibly not be wrong in their beliefs, for all these many years!
His stance, obviously illogical in a natural way, and without the backing of the scriptures, and of course not held by all professing Christians in the past or today, makes one very sad.
One must be sad by such beliefs of simple-minded clergymen because, it is all the revelations we obtain from the Word of Elohim pertaining to the person, mission, death, burial, and resurrection of Yeshua of Nazareth, put together, that establish the sure foundation of the Christian faith.
The sure foundation of the Christian faith is all about who Yeshua is, where He came from, when, how and where He died and was buried, and about when He resurrected back to life according to the power, working, and timing of Elohim, the Perfect One.
And so, any minute inaccuracies, untruths, deceptions and or embellishments to the Holy Spirit-revealed crucifixion-burial-resurrection details of the Savior, will introduce pollutants into this foundation, and thereby render any imposing superstructure, subsequently laid on this impure foundation, incapable of standing the test of time and the scrutiny of Elohim's Word.
The falsehood of a Friday-crucifixion and an early morning Sunday-resurrection has the capacity to pollute, and has indeed polluted the entire faith and practices of many people who seek the true and genuine salvation of Elohim that is only in Yeshua.
This willfully perpetrated falsehood of a Friday-crucifixion and Sunday-resurrection about Yeshua, has done the greatest harm to the Christian faith in post-apostolic history.
This falsehood in a Sunday-resurrection, has by itself, convinced many simple-minded salvation seekers to accept, believe, and act on the deception, that the day of the Lord has been changed from the last day of the week (Saturday) to the first day of the week (Sunday) by Elohim Himself, in honor of a so-called Sunday as being the day in which His Beloved Son won the victory over death in His resurrection!
The Day of the Lord Elohim, since Creation has been the last day of the week and is indeed the day of the resurrection of Yeshua of Nazareth as revealed in the Word of Elohim to salvation seekers and also shown in all clarity in my prepared Almanac of the Passion Week or Passover Week of Nisan, 30 AD, attached to the end of this article as Fig. 1.
Please study this almanac with a determination to know the truth about the days of the Savior's crucifixion and resurrection. This almanac has clearly laid bare these days and will no doubt bless all diligent truth seekers who closely examine it.
Dear reader, I bet some being wants humanity to disobey Elohim's Word and so has gone to great length to make unsuspecting and simple-minded salvation seekers accept and live by his falsehood that Yeshua of Nazareth resurrected on Sunday and that the Day of the Lord has been changed from the last day to the first day of the week, in conformity to His supposed Sunday resurrection.
This feat at deception of the salvation seeker, achieved by Elohim's enemy, Satan, has polluted all the tenets and practices of the first century Christian faith. There is not one faith or practice of salvation seekers today, which dwells on a so-called Sunday-resurrection, which has the purity and power of the Christian faith of the apostles of Yeshua of Nazareth.
Today, mankind is living by names that sound like Moonday, Satanday, and Sunday, given by men to days of the week instead of those given by the Creator; in and by holidays that replace the holy days of Elohim; and in the celebration of the Lord's Supper as their Sunday breakfast.
All of these and many others, salvation seekers are doing in zeal and without thinking if their faith in such things have the mandate and blessing of the Master, simply because that is what clergymen of the past, and those of today, have succeeded in misleading them to do! Oh how destructive is zeal without knowledge of Elohim's ways and plans! How sad.
I encourage all salvation seekers to hold their leaders accountable to whatever they teach them, and challenge these leaders to show them how they may go back to the genuine and holy tenets of the Christian faith of the apostles – the men who are blessed to have walked and talked with Yeshua of Nazareth.
And for those clergymen who are unable to aid salvation seekers in this, I cringe at the thought of their imminent denouncement and chastisement by Yeshua, the Master, and Lord of all lords, as not being in, and of, His workforce.
Chris Bapuohyele is a Bible-expositor and author of the book entitled: BEWARE OF THIS FALSE DOCTRINE of reciting the Sinners' Prayer for Salvation. His e-mail address is:

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My Encounter with an Ignorant Clergyman (Part One)

Used with permission.

Between Saturday, May 12 and Friday, July 13, 2012, Elohim (God) made it possible for my most serious, revealing, insightful, challenging, and shocking features article yet, entitled, Why the Friday-Crucifixion-Sunday-Resurrection-Story of Easter is not Biblical,to be published in six parts in The Ghanaian Times newspaper.
In this article, I took my time to present as clearly as possible, in as fluid a manner as I could, and staying only within the light of the entire bible revelation for the needed facts, to reveal to salvation seekers of this generation, the obvious misinformation and deception, inherent in an error-riddled Friday-crucifixion-Sunday-resurrection-account, purported to relate to Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua), King of the Jews, that has been peddled by clergymen for close to two thousand years.
As part of my exposéon the fact that Yeshua was neither crucified on Friday, nor did he resurrect on Sunday after his burial, I presented an almanac on the month of the Savior's arrest, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection –the Jewish Passover month of Nisan (or Abib), in the year 30 AD– painstakingly prepared by me, and backed by revelations of the bible that run counter to claims by clergymen about the crucifixion and resurrection days of the Savior.
In fact, in all my presentations in this article, I was so meticulous and thorough that, I expected that all my readers would come to the same conclusions God had led me to: That, salvation seekers have been deceived by clergymen in the past, and today, in matters concerning the days of the week in which the Savior was actually buried and resurrected.
But of course, I could have prophesied then, that there would be many others, scoffers in fact, who, in shyness of Elohim's Truth and in blatant disregard of all the facts which were copiously laid bare in my article, would have difficulty accepting my teaching against the obvious falsehood of a Friday-crucifixion and Sunday-resurrection teaching put out by clergymen, since the second century.
From e-mails I received later on from readers of the article, my expectations were met. There were some readers who wrote to say they were blessed by my treatise on such an important issue of the Christian faith, and commended me for my toils taken to properly inform humanity.
But, alas, there were also some malicious ones, living in the gull of bitterness, and suffering from a pull-him-down syndrome, who reacted differently and spitefully, on behalf of their paymaster.
Since I am not able in this article to recap all the salient issues raised in the previous publications, for the benefit of readers of this article who might not have read the previous one, may I advice such ones to read all its six parts via the Internet link : Bapuohyele.
Without intending to go backward in time, but taking delight in moving forward in the right direction, I like to add here, more clarity to some of the issues that were raised against a Friday-crucifixion and Sunday-resurrection of the Savior, in my former treatise.
To begin with, let us try to answer a few simple questions. In which day of the week do clergymen of the past, and those of today, teach that the Savior was crucified? The answer which is taught by all clergymen, sadly, to the acceptance of many simple-minded salvation seekers is that it was Friday!
Again, let us answer the question: At what hour of the day in this supposed Friday was the Savior said to have been laid to rest in the tomb? The answer is: The sunset hour. Yes indeed, the scriptures bear clear testimony of the Savior's burial time to be at sunset.
The next question is: On which day of the week do clergymen claim the Savior resurrected from the grave? Of course, for close to two millennia, clergymen have wrongly believed and forcibly taught it to be the Sunday following closely on the heels of a supposed Friday-crucifixion and burial.
Now, since we must accept the proof of Elohim to the world that Yeshua of Nazareth was indeed the Messiah, to be that he had to be out of the tomb after being laid to rest there promptly after three days and three nights were fulfilled, then the claims to a Sunday-resurrection day, in an early morning hour, cannot be logical if indeed Friday was crucifixion and burial day. Two reasons bear me out in this conclusion.
First, from a Friday sunset to the early morning of the following Sunday, it is obviously impossible for any being, human or angelic, to obtain a correct count of three full days and three full nights. A full count of the time between a Friday sunset and the early morning of the following Sunday is only one and a half days or thirty-six hours, and not three days.
The fact is that, if we move from the sunset of Friday to the next sunset, this would end us in Saturday, as the completion of one full day by the Savior in the tomb.
That being so, it must be that the next sunset hour would be that of Sunday, by which time the Savior would have been in the grave for only two days, or forty-eight hours!
But alas, up to Sunday morning is only half-time of the full twenty-four-hour day, and so we would be talking of thirty-six hours from the time of a Friday sunset-burial, to the claim of a Sunday early morning-resurrection!
At this point, we see disaster strike the calculations and doctrine of the learned clergy fraternity about their much-acclaimed Friday-crucifixion/burial and Sunday-resurrection.
Despite this obvious disaster seen, even at this point of this treatise, let us look at a second fact to make the clergy's error in this, obvious to all of today's salvation seekers.
This second fact is that, because the Savior's body was laid to rest at a sunset hour, he must, as a matter of cause, resurrect at a sunset hour and not at any other hour. This is simple and purely logical.
So, though the tomb of the Savior was found empty in an early morning, it will be careless, illogical, unacceptable, and simply ridiculous to conclude that the Savior resurrected in this same early morning hour, simply because it was in this early morning hour that human eyes first caught sight of the empty tomb.
Let us not loose sight of the fact that, before this early morning discovery of the empty tomb, we had twenty-four hours of a sunset-sunset Saturday, plus twelve hours of a sunset-midnight-sunrise of Sunday, in which one could neither work, nor walk about, nor ride a donkey to go check-out on the sleeping Savior, because of the anti-work law of the Sabbath and the fact that no one worked after dusk.
In fact, since we are told clearly in the Word of Elohim that the discovery of the Savior's empty tomb was in the early morning of the first day of the week, it must be important to all who seek to know the actual time of the Savior's resurrection to critically examine the events of the previous day, the last day of the week, the seventh day Sabbath. Assuredly, one neither worked nor went about roaming within the sunset-sunset time frame of this Sabbath day.
As this Sabbath day ended at sunset, the first day of the week also started in earnest at this same sunset, progressing for six hours into pitch-black darkness at midnight, and then progressing for another six hours toward the light of sunrise.
Therefore, for all these twelve hours of night-darkness of this first day of the week (Sunday), nobody could work or go check if the Savior was still in the tomb, in those days where people lived without electricity for lighting and solar lamps.
Mary Magdalene probably left home at the hour that corresponds to today's twilight hour of 4:00 am, in her marathon race to the Savior's tomb, arriving there at about our 5:00 am (early morning) only to find out that the Savior had long before left it. But for how long or since when the Savior had been gone, she, the first witness to the empty tomb, neither knew nor could tell then.
Just like anyone today, she and indeed all followers of the Savior of her day, needed wisdom to find out the exact time of Yeshua's resurrection through the understanding of God's full revelation on the issue.
Thanks be to Elohim that the apostles, after reflecting on this baffling issue of an empty tomb, were later brought by Him to understanding everything the Savior had told them about his sure-to-come resurrection on the third day after his burial (cf. John 2:18-19, 21-22).
Elohim led these apostles backwards, back in time from where they were, to when they laid the body of the Savior in the tomb, and then to the day they found the empty tomb, to believe everything the Savior had told them when he was yet alive, about the sign of Jonah (Matthew 12:39-40 and Luke 11:29-30) and of rebuilding his human-body, after three days of its destruction by wicked men (John 2:18-22). (---the concluding part to this article is in Part Two: Soon to be published).
Chris Bapuohyele is a Bible-expositor and author of the book: BEWARE OF THIS FALSE DOCTRINE of reciting the Sinners' Prayer for salvation. His email address is:


iraculous healing occur, when one who has been sick spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally gain health through supernatural means. There are claims of miraculous healing in all most all religions of the world. These religions accuse one another of wrong miraculous healing ‘technique’. They accuse one another of being false or renegade. Some religions also teaches that, for one to experience miraculous healing, he or she has to go on a pilgrimage that is visit special places which are regarded as ‘holy’ places. In Africa and Asia especially, there are what people term as spiritualist or juju men. These are traditional herbalist or medicine men that use a spiritual power and herbs to cure ‘incurable’ diseases.
There are divided opinions concerning miraculous healing when it to come to what people who profess Christ as Lord and saviour believe. Some do not believe in today’s miraculous healing whilst other think miraculous healing is real today. Those who believe in today’s miraculous healing claim to heal by the power of Jesus.
The question is, “does God work miracles today and through which channel does He do that?” The truth is that “God is a God, not of disorder, but order” (1 Corinthians 14:33). God will in no way work through all these (religious) channels mentioned earlier on. It’s either these channels are true or false. All cannot be true since they disagree on almost everything. So which of them, then, is true?
The Bible says, “no wonder, Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:14). That is to say, “there are miraculous healings that don’t come from God yet there are those that come from God.” The magicians of Pharaoh were able to perform signs and wonders, just as Moses but there was a distinction. (Exodus 7:11-12) The devil being the power of the air and an anointed cherub with corrupted wisdom can perform some miracles or magic. (Ephesians 2:2 & Ezekiel 28:14-19)
The devil performed a lot of wonders to destroy the prosperity or property of Job. In the Book of Acts, chapter 16, we are told of a girl who was possessed by a demon and was a fortune-teller. It is evident that the devil can also do something that looks like God’s. The question, then arise, how can you know which miraculous healing is of God?

As a result of advances and breakthrough in medical sciences so many people have come to believe, we don’t need divine healing or divine health. I am sure these people think miracles have past because when they need one, they can resort to medical science. These folks will wish they get a miracle when medical sciences give up on their cases.
I find it absurd for some Christians to believe in Bible-day miracles but not that of today. My observation over the years has been that no matter what you sell, someone will surely buy. Anything you sell in this world, will actually sell.
The fact that there are a lot of false prophets around does not mean there are no good ones. Certain Christian groups consider the miraculous healing of the Apostles and Jesus genuine yet they consider that of today as sham. So far as they are concerned, the healing crusades of our time are just emotional rallies. They argue their points or beliefs in many ways. These Christians I am sure would have called Jesus “Beelzebub” were they there in Bible times.

First, the issue of false prophets is the strongest point with which they argue with. Jesus’ statement in Matthew 7:15-23, does not suggest that there will be no good prophets in our time. Actually, Jesus admonished us to look out for the false prophets. We can only distinguish the bad ones out of the good ones by analysing their works. In other words, we can know whether a miraculous healing come from God by comparing it to what happened in the days of Jesus. The fact that we have quack doctors in the system does not mean we have no good ones.
Moreover, if Matthew 7:15-23 meant there will be no good prophets in our time, then, we can conclude that there are no good Christians in our time either, because, after all, those who ‘profess Christ’ have diverse opinions about the Christ they profess. The truth is that, just like the Pharisees accused Jesus of working miracle by the power of Beelzebub, so do some folks criticize genuine ‘healing evangelist’ of our time.
To others, money seems to be the main focus of today’s modern healers. Of course, Jesus and his Apostles did not heal because they wanted money. Those healers or Churches, who have to sell some things like powders, certain types of waters or oil; and all sort of things, to the sick people, surely do not come from God. It may also be that they have corrupted the gifts of the Holy Spirit just as the devil did (Ezekiel 28:14-19).
Jesus in sending his seventy disciples, told them that the “workman is worthy of his wages.” The Bible shows us that, they were instructed by Jesus to eat whatever is set before them and heal the sick. The disciples were to wipe the dust off their feet when rejected. (Luke 10:1-15) In other words, healing will not be available for those who reject the disciple. This indicates that the recipients of the healers must honour them. In our time, no healer must raise money or extort money from the people: that is bad. But, if the people give gifts (willingly) to those healers for their healing, there is nothing wrong with that.
Also, the Bible shows us that Jesus did not heal everyone he encountered. In Luke 6:19, we are told that everyone who touched Jesus was healed. Yet in Matthew 13:58 and Mark 6:5-6, the Bible record that, Jesus “was able to do no powerful work, except to lay his hands upon a few sickly ones and cure them… he wondered at their lack of faith”. Isn’t that amazing? Upon all the power Jesus had, he could not do anymore miracles, because of their unbelief. From this, it is clear that faith plays a part in miraculous healing. Though faith does not heal people, it connects them to the healing power of God. No wonder without faith no one can please God.
In addition, the man at the pool of Bethesda, who was healed by Jesus, was not the only sick guy at the pool. But, he was the only one Jesus healed. The truth is, Jesus could have stood there and had everyone healed. (John 5:1-15)
Others ask the question, if these healers are genuine, why don’t they go to the hospitals? Luke 5:31 says, “And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.” This indicate that in Jesus’ time there were people who were regarded as doctors yet there is no record of Jesus  visiting any inn to administer his healing power. There are many who are not save; yet the church doesn’t go to them “physically”. Jesus didn’t have to visit inn to heal the sick to prove himself true. Rather information spread about his healing escapades thereby pulling many to him (to seek their healing).
It so shocking that some Christians believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not operative in our time. Yet these people claim Christians today have the Holy Spirit. Why would God hold back his power when it is needed most? What is the use of a thing if it cannot help anyone? God is not a miser who wouldn’t give us His healing power when we are desperate for healing.
There are more diseases than ever; more germs, viruses, bacteria and the likes than we have ever known. God is weak if He could deliver yesterday but not today. If the same Spirit that dwelled in the Apostles and Jesus, dwell in us today, why wouldn’t He enable us today to do the same things Jesus and the Apostles did.

As, I walk through the Tema General Hospital (Ghana), the evil nature and ugliness of disease and sickness of all kinds stare at me, right in the face. I am perplexed by the manner in which children cry and how their parents wait anxiously for a doctor to attend to them and see to it that their kids are in good shape. You could just see the pain in the heart of many. For those, whose illness or cases has been pronounced hopeless, you could have a feel of the horror, the desperation, awfulness and the bitterness of their situation as you try to step into their deep shoes. Yet for those who go to the hospital, only to be told, there is no doctor: one can sense the agony in their heart. These people curse their ‘stars’. They go on to curse the day on which they were born, some go to the point of cursing even God.
Some people ask the question, “why should there be so much suffering if there is a loving and caring God?” The simple answer is, “the sin in the Garden of Eden has caused all this.” Adam and Eve’s sin did not just destroy man, but, the whole creation, everything God had planned. This has been the case ever since, and will continue till the end of the age when everything is restored. But we can experience ‘some of the good’ or a tip of the ice berg here on earth. The only way is Jesus. That is not to suggest a faith in God will end everything. The challenges or problems will come, but a constant fellowship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will make you a victor in every negative situation.
Furthermore, the sceptics claim, the apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13:8 that miraculous healing will be done away with. They go on to say that, the miracles that were performed by Jesus and the Apostles, were done to provide evidence that they were truly of God. The question is, “did preaching ceased after the death of the Apostles?” Don’t, those doubting people of other religion need more evidence of the difference between their religion and ours. The truth is that, before Jesus came on the scene, the prophets of old performed miracles. So what Jesus did was not exactly new. Moreover, it is not stated anywhere emphatically that miracles will end in our time. Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 13:8 did not suggest that either. Paul was only trying to say that love is greater when we are to compare it to spiritual gifts and powers. Paul did say that spiritual gifts and powers will come to an end. What Paul did not say was “it will end in our time”.
The truth is that miracles are genuine today, just as they were in the days of Jesus. In actual fact, people who even did not believe in miracles have testified of having been healed miraculously. The issue is this, since people have not stopped falling sick and demons and the spirit of infirmities have not stop possessing people; God has not stop healing people. Our God is the same forever. He’s still in the business. (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 6:17 and Hebrew 1:12)
After all, God did not start healing people miraculously with Jesus. Why would He want to stop? God is not an irrational being. It just does not make sense to think that, God provided the solution for a problem for some time and stopped. What is God going to do with all the healing power He has? If He does not want to use it for the benefit of his kids, what’s He going to do with it in Heaven above?
The devil has not taken a break in his operation, why should God take a break? Are these people trying to say, “God is so powerless now that He can’t use His people to work a miracle? Has God become dumb and deaf? In fact, I believe miraculous healing will be unnecessary when God finishes with the devil (when He binds the devil finally).
The Christians who don’t believe in miracles today make such claims because they know they can rely on the advances and breakthroughs in medical sciences. But, there are those of us who also want to rely on God.
A miracle happens when God intervene in the affairs of men. It happens when something which couldn’t have happened naturally is orchestrated by God to happen. Isn’t it funny, that these people believe in prayer or praying? Anyone who has really receive an answer to a prayer, have experienced a miracle.
There is something bigger than miraculous healing; it is divine health. You can live without falling sick. Searching through the Bible, you will find no were recorded that Jesus was sick. We can imitate him, because He is a perfect model. Moreover we have become sharers in the divine nature. (2 Peter 1:2-4).
All this may not make sense to you if you don’t know how to access a miracle or healing from God. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:   For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?” – Matthew 7:7-9
 There are several parts of you or aspects of your life that probably need healing; just ask the Father and he will heal you (of them all) if you don’t doubt.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


e woke up on the morning of November 7, 2012 only to hear a bad news – one of the places “where Ghana shops” has fallen apart. There are many questions that need to be asked and answered.
We all know too well that if you talk about the places on earth where the law doesn’t work, Ghana can be sited as a good example. How come the building existed without permit? What are the inspectors who the state pays doing at all? Why did the manager of the shop turn a deaf ear to earlier warnings?
 Everyone is asking whether it was an act of God; or a tragedy due to own negligence? Did those who went there that morning to shop or work expect that? It is so important for us to anticipate evil in our lives if we want live without surprises. The world is not getting any better; that the Holy Bible has assured us.
The Ghanaian president has said that those whose negligence caused this tragedy will pay. Is this one of those sweet talk or justice will be served? We all know how in this country a critical issue can gain so much attention within a short period but die off in a blink. Will we investigate this tragedy and deal with the culprits thereby? Will heads roll?
We were in this country when a public toilet collapsed on an innocent man, killing him in the process. We spewed out thousand words but no concrete action since then has been taken to forestall such occurrences. If we continue on such a path as a country not even God can help us. It is high time state institutions sit up and take up their responsibilities. If those who are to check and see to it that the right things are done go around collecting paltry cash to allow people to flout the law, our country will continue to experience disaster and even bigger disasters. Let’s stop cutting corners for own good.
Now, to the manager who wouldn’t heed to advice and warning but brushed it away claiming that God is in control, I say shame. He deserves some whips but we will have mercy on him. Religious people always resist and don’t like to facilitate change. They tend to attribute everything to God. Many like to hold God responsible because they want to shirk responsibility.
 Let ask ourselves, “Is God really in control of everything in the world?” If He is then He should be ashamed of himself for allowing the world to end up this way. We need to realize that God is not sitting in Heaven and remote controlling everything. We need to take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. God is willing to intervene only if we will invite him to do so.
Also, we should forget about our modus operandi by which we expect God to function in our lives. Most of the time, He will not and doesn’t intervene the way we expect Him to.
Wisdom must be applied where necessary; wishful thinking does not produce results. Only right actions produce the desired results. But right actions start with right thinking. I believe the problem of our society is not money or resources or leadership; our problem is wrong thinking. We have thought wrongly so much that we only act wrongly. I have met several civil servants who confess that they know the right thing to do but do the wrong things because they must survive and maintain the authority they enjoy.
When this tragedy occurred, the scriptures in Luke 13: 1 – 5 came in mind. God’s Word translation says, At that time some people reported to Jesus about some Galileans whom Pilate had executed while they were sacrificing animals. Jesus replied to them, "Do you think that this happened to them because they were more sinful than other people from Galilee? No! I can guarantee that they weren't. But if you don't turn to God and change the way you think and act, then you, too, will all die. What about those 18 people who died when the tower at Siloam fell on them? Do you think that they were more sinful than other people living in Jerusalem? No! I can guarantee that they weren't. But if you don't turn to God and change the way you think and act, then you, too, will all die." If we don’t repent [have a change of mind] chances are that we will be heaping judgement upon our heads. We have a choice as a nation to make, either we change our thinking (thereby changing our actions) or we continue into death and destruction. Personally, you can start change in the area of your influence by choosing to be different.

In this country those who insist on the obedience of the law are regarded as bad and wicked. On the other hand, those who aid us to flout the law are the suppose good and angels we know. If that be the case, choose to be the devil incarnate. Though they see a devil incarnate; God sees an angel in you. My heart and prayers are with the victims and their families; never again should we allow this to happen.

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